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Many individuals probably haven't had the pleasure of visiting After hearing about it, I highly recommend this positive and fun group of web pages showcasing the latest in news, community, entertainment, and a sincere appreciation for the arts in Africa. This site is extremely involved, and thus users could spend hours enjoying all the material that is presented at 360nobs.

Upfront, local news is easy to find and share on your favorite social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Reviews of everything from music to books is easy to access so readers can discover the next movie they would like to see or book they would like to read. Need an idea for a local hot spot to visit? highlights and reviews some awesome travel destinations.

The menu bar at the very top of the page makes it very simple to navigate 360nobs, and showcases everything this versatile site has to offer. One very unique section of this page is under the "articles" menu, and is an area where you can enjoy, read and review poetry. For any individuals who are interested in writing, this is a great way to collaborate and appreciate the talents of fellow writers and artists.

Music enthusiasts will love 360nobs, as it is full of play lists (also known as mixtapes on the site), charts deeming the hottest music in the industry, videos, and even downloads to enjoy. The fashion area is also a lot of fun, as visitors to the page can rate trends and check out everything from the most unique outfits to favorite hairstyles! Know what's going on in your community with a wide plethora of news from interviews, opinions, community events and more.

The 18+ section of may be questionable upon first view, but when you click on it, the intention of the site creators is genuine. It simply keeps news that is not kid friendly out of the site of everyone. This enables young people to enjoy the site with parent monitoring and not have to read things that may be inappropriate for young ages. The way the web developers did this and organized it makes this site truly authentic and excellent!

Hours could be spent on 360nobs and those visiting the site wouldn't be able to enjoy half of what this page has to offer! Recommend it to your friends, share about it on social media, and be the "go to" person for the latest information regarding news, fashion, movies, entertainment and more!


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