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36trends Blog is a Nigerian news blog that also covers topics on the show business and paparazzi. However, since the site is based out of Nigeria and about Nigeria, the majority of celebrities and their lifestyles you see covered on the site would belong to the African continent. The site has been around for quite some years, and has managed to stay afloat even with the intense competition that exists in the Nigerian news blog space. But is it really the best of all Nigerian news blogs? Let's find out!

Unlike other news and lifestyle Nigerian blogs, 36 Trends takes its news seriously and always provides information relating to politics, community, etc. a bit more importance than matters concerning beauty and lifestyle. Since it's not possible for Nigeria to come up with several interesting stories every day, you would see news pieces from different parts of the world making it to the site. However, foreign information and content have to be extremely interesting to get a berth on this site. For example, news relating to the most obese kids for their age could feature on 36Trends. You get a lot of information relating to health, lifestyle, money, movies, etc. but those aren't categorized as such. However, since there is the "search" button located on the top-right of the site, finding news and information of your choice should not be much difficult at all.

At first glance, 36Trends's overall design and layout doesn't look exceptional. However, after having spend some time, you realize the focus is more on minimalism here. As a result, you get a much cleaner looking site. Moreover, unlike most other news blogs, you won't see ads all over the place, marring your news consumption experience in the process. Since the site makes its money primarily from advertisements, like most other free information-based sites, you would certainly see an advertisement block or two on any given page. However, the placement of those ads would be strategic enough to not come across as obtrusive.

36Trends has immense potential, and the site's constantly improving Alexa rank is certainly a giveaway of that fact. The actual content on the site is top-quality. However, probably the only place where the site is lacking marginally is its web design. No, the overall design and layout is not bad at all. In fact, it's better than most similar Nigerian news blogs. However, there's scope for improvement, which can potentially make the user experience even better.


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