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Amebo Village is a Nigerian website that may look like being relatively new to the scene. But if you dig deep, you'd be taken aback by the amount of quality content on the site. The first set of posts were uploaded way back in July, 2012. That is a solid five years of online presence. However, despite not being relatively fresh to the game, the site is not as popular as most other competing Nigerian online news channels that started during the same time as What could be wrong with this site, then?

Body and Content

Like conventional news websites, neatly categorizes its content and puts them on the header menu. Some of the topics the site caters to are politics, music, health, education, sports, and technology. The site is fairly up-to-date with its news-dispensing and, as expected, covers stories and information relating to Nigeria and the surrounding regions. The site is not the most popular around and the Alex Rank counter on the site's home page isn't helping build necessary momentum. New visitors on the site, as a result, may believe the site isn't replete with news and information, which is not the truth.

Social Media Presence

The site does not have too many fans or followers on popular social medial sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, especially when compared to other Nigerian online news platforms. And one of the reasons for this sparse following is the fact that the site doesn't keep all its social media pages busy. As far as Twitter goes, the news channel seems to be quite active. But things seem to fall apart on Facebook, since no new posts have been made on the site's Facebook page in 2017.

What's strange about this occurrence is that the Twitter handle is quite abuzz, with fresh tweets coming through almost every hour. Probably, Amebo Village has had a shift in social media strategy for 2017, focusing more on Twitter and less on Facebook. Most websites have a bigger fan base on Facebook when compared to Twitter. That's completely the opposite in the case of Amebo Village.

On the website, there are links to different social media sites. But the site doesn't seem to have a page or have taken down its dedicated pages on Instagram and YouTube. Same is the case with LinkedIn. Instead of directing users to broken or non-existing social media pages, it would be better if only the active links were displayed. Clicking a link that leads to nowhere is not just irritating but also can hurt the reputation of the site.

At the end of the day, there's no doubt the site has potential to make it big. But that's possible only if some serious work is put to augment's popularity on social media.


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