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The Bestmobs website was founded in November 2012. It started with the goal of providing quality news and reviews about mobile phones. The site understood that people needed up-to-date information regarding smartphones to make wise decisions concerning their next purchase. decided not to focus on smart technology as a whole because the industry is simply too expansive. The team behind Bestmobs felt they should concentrate on smartphones because of the increasingly important role they have in society.

The site wanted to make sure this information was freely available. This is one reason why the team opted against subscription fees and favored the free-to-access platform.

No one knew just how successful the site would be, but it has been increasingly growing in popularity. This is mostly due to its commitment to quality. In essence, visitors have learned to trust the publications in Bestmobs.

There are several sections of the site for those who are interested in certain aspects of the mobile world. For one, BestMobs News focuses on the latest mobile news. There is also a little bit of gossip regarding new additions to phones or upgrades that readers might be interested in.

Another section is the BestMobs Reviews, which is where readers get to read reviews on the latest devices. There are archival reviews for readers who are interested in learning about older models, too. The section features unbiased reviews that many readers have learned to trust.

BestMobs Specification is another important section of the site. It is here where mobile buffs can read a little more about the latest phones or their own smartphones. It features certain specifications about the phones, such as unique features. There is also information on the type of memory a phone may have or how to troubleshoot a phone. Readers might also learn about the smartphone's processor to make sure it is quick enough for the amount of tasks a person might need to perform. In short, this section is dedicated to those who are into the details of a phone.

It should be noted that the BestMobs Specification section also helps readers learn about other smart devices such as wearables or even tablets. Readers get to learn about each device before they purchase it.

There is much that BestMobs offers its visitors, and this is evident in the publications featured on the site. Going to this site could save smartphone users time and money.

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