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Buzz Nigeria is an entertainment and news portal that caters primarily to the Nigerian audience. The site encompasses a range of topics and is specially known for its breaking news in fields of entertainment, business, politics, people, romance and love, technology, etc. The site is quite popular in Nigeria, with more than a million visitors frequenting the site every month. Buzz Nigeria not just talks about Nigeria and its people but also takes a Nigerian perspective towards global events and happenings.


Buzz Nigeria may sound like a site that focuses on viral content, and which is true to a certain extent since the site's tagline itself has the keywords "breaking news". Like other Nigerian online news sites, has standard news sections that categorize write-ups as sports, education, health, business, or technology pieces. However, these sections aren't part of the site's primary menu. In fact, the main menu is occupied by key phrases pertaining to the latest news stories and events. The traditional categories and topics are relegated to the header menu instead. This approach towards categorizing content is quiet unique and also highlights the fact that Buzz Nigeria is committed to extracting stories from the roots of Nigeria.

Writing Team

Compared to other Nigerian news portals online, Buzz Nigeria believes in taking a more qualitative approach to things. It, therefore, has some of the best writers, editors, and technologists on-board. These professionals are highly experienced and skilled in the field of Internet technology, digital advertising, and online media.

Site Design

The site design and structure matches with the quality of content on the site. It's professional and has good navigation, making it easier to find and access information on the site. The site has a total of three menus: header, primary, and footer. The footer is more comprehensive and lists down all the categories there are on the site. It also comprises important links to different sections of the site. Looking at the footer, you feel the site is more of an encyclopedia of news and information. Very few online Nigerian news sites tick all the right boxes as far as web structure and design are concerned, and Buzz Nigeria happens to be one of those few.

Social Media Presence has a relatively strong presence on social media sites. In fact, it has more than a million followers on Facebook alone. Comparatively, the site has a much modest fan base on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Perhaps, the site is more active on Facebook, or the people at believe its social media strategy blends the best with Facebook. Not to mention, most of its followers are of the affluent and well-educated category, which is good news for advertisers.

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