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Gistmania Nigerian Forum is a Nigerian news website that covers all categories of news. This is unlike other Nigerian news websites that prefer to stick to a particular niche or category, despite claiming to be a full-fledged news site/blog. Also, unlike most other similar Nigerian websites, the design of this website is quite unique and doesn't follow the pattern or layout that most other online Nigerian news blogs are guilty of replicating.

Gistmania is not just a regular news site, but it is also an online forum. Usually, you don't get to see a news site and forum blended together - Gistmania is different in this regard. The site predominantly covers events happening in and near Nigeria. As far as world news is concerned, only the most sensational stories get a mention. And since the site primarily focuses on Nigeria, there's a lot you can know and find out about Nigeria just by staying hooked to Gistmania.

As aforementioned, the site is well-designed and laid out. Though it's not on par with the more established, global news websites, Gistmania is certainly a far cry from the mundane and rather uninspiring Nigerian news websites that Nigerians have come to know and love. It's not just neat web design, but the header menu is well put together too, and there's also the convenient "search" bar making an appearance.

One of the most interesting things about Gistmania that it also focuses a fair bit on the visual aspect of content presentation. Quite a few stories are conveyed through images, and the regular news content are also accompanied by some solid amount of pictures. As far as the forum section is concerned, it's been neatly categorized into different genres or topics, including relationships, comedy, crime, sports, politics, etc. Though the site promotes itself as a news hub for Nigerians, it looks more like a platform that wants to cover it all. The holistic approach is not just in terms of the kind of content but also the presentation. The forums aren't there just for namesake. They are quite busy and this buzz is apparent across various forum categories.

Users can get in touch with the editors for almost any matter they'd like to discuss. In fact, the contact details put up by the site at the bottom are in extreme detail. Usually, most sites allow users to contact them through email and phone. But Gistmania takes its receptiveness to another level by also adding below a BBM number/code. This shows how welcoming the site is toward its patrons. Not to mention, the site also has a (large) presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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