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Jaguda, hosted at, is an entertainment and music lifestyle blog and digital magazine dedicated to propagating African cultures and art. The site covers news, editorial, and review content on a host of different pop culture and entertainment current affairs topics. As such, there is lots of celebrity news, entertainment business news, and coverage of other happenings such as anticipated releases and event launches.

More About

The website uses a very simple layout that contains the site logo and a sleek, non-intrusive advertising banner at the top. Just below that is the site menu or navigation bar clearly outlining where visitors can easily find content relevant to their favorite topics. The rest of the homepage design features a featured posts slider that displays the five most recent posts on the blog. Much like a typical blog, the remaining content below the featured post is split into two (main content and sidebar to the right) so as to make the content well organized and easy to identify and read.

One of the best things about the total design is that everything has its own place. As such, below the slider and navigational content, where the main blog posts lie, there are avenues to explore the latest posts pertaining to all the categories found on the blog. Therefore, the latest editorials are bunches by category. So too are videos and other features. There is even a rapport forum that registered guests can use to enjoy discussions.

Catering To A Multi-Faceted Audience

Jaguda caters to both African readers or visitors who are interested in enjoying the entertainment (primarily music) from African cultures. Jaguda has all the latest news to ensure that readers are kept properly informed regarding the same. As readers navigate the site, it becomes clear who the top artists and celebrities are, and what the most talked about topic of the day is. Writers at Jaguda are competent and so stories are well-written and accurate. Instead of just boringly writing about entertainment topics, the stories themselves are entertaining and add to the already high quality of the blog.



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