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Jobberman Nigeria is a job portal site made for Nigerians and people who are looking for a job in Nigeria, and adjoining regions. Many of the biggest names in the industries often post their job openings on the site. Like most other job portals, Jobberman Nigeria also doles out professional advice and learning sources that could help applicants brighten their chances of landing with their dream job.

Site Design and Navigation
The site's design is professional to say the least, and the chockablock of information can put this Nigerian job portal on par with any other such portals in the world. As far as the content and overall look of the website is concerned, it ticks all the right boxes. And it manages to accomplish that in the most orderly form possible. For instance, in the footer block, resources for employers, job seekers, and advertisers are well-categorized. Contact and support details are also easily accessible.

As a result, navigating the site becomes a breeze. However, getting to the home page from other pages of the site could be a tad difficult at times, thanks to the absence of a proper "home" button. Moreover, the Jobberman logo isn't clickable when on the site's internal pages. Usually, when you click the logo of a site, you are directed to the site's home page. This is not the case here with, at least on some of its pages. Though not a major downer, it could cause some level of inconvenience when users want to make a seamless transit to the home page.

Jobberman and its People
Let's talk a bit about the company and its employees. If you're looking for employment with Jobberman, the following information should be of some assistance.

Jobberman has some of the most creative people on-board, who don't mind being stretched and challenged. Though they are subject to extended working hours quite often, the environment they work in makes it easier to survive those demanding work hours. The employees at Jobberman benefit from flexible working hours, competitive remuneration, training and mentorship opportunities, transport, healthcare, and pension savings.


Why would this information be important to someone who is only expecting Jobberman to fetch them jobs outside of Jobberman? It's relevant because a company that takes good care of its employees and adopts a professional approach to business is likely to mete out the same level of service and treatment to individuals who use its site to find jobs. At the end of the day, Jobberman certainly has it in itself to be called the one-stop destination for all information and resources relating to the Nigerian employment market. If you're looking for a job in Nigeria, it really doesn't make much practical sense to bypass Jobberman, as that would only make your quest for a job in the African nation difficult.

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