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Ladun Liadi News Blog is a neat blend of a news portal and blog. The layout of the site is similar to most blogs, but the content on the site is not a personal account of one's life, and also you are not getting any beauty tips or how-to articles. The web design is simple; in fact, it's a bit too simple, which works to the detriment of the site, to some extent.

The Ladun Liadi news blog doesn't have a proper menu, both at the header and footer. A website without a header menu is like a body without a head. Moreover, the site also doesn't have a proper logo of any kind. It's just plain text located in the top-centre of the site that not just looks amateurish but also works against the overall branding of the site. The lack of a header menu is not just losing points on the aesthetic front but it's also letting the site down a bit in terms of functionality. In other words, it's hard to find out articles that belong to a specific topic or category. There is the rather inconspicuous search button on the left that makes things a bit easier, but it still does not completely make up for the lack of a proper menu bar. By the way, the site publishes news content and also a lot of exclusive content, along with some spiritual and religious write-ups.

Though there's no traditional Contact Us page, you can still get in touch with the author or the webmaster. There is contact details put out on the left sidebar of the site, which includes a couple of email addresses and a phone number. For general queries and business talks, you can put in an email. The number, on the other hand, is strictly for advertising enquiries.

Now coming back to the primary offering of Ladun Liadi news, which is its content. The site is inundated with content. This is not just because the blog has been around for quite some time but also because there's very little time gap between posts. In fact, a new post comes up on the site literally in a matter of minutes. This busy posting schedule has not just kept users constantly glued to the blog but it has also helped the blog significantly in terms of its positioning in the search results and the resulting popularity.

As far as web design is concerned, there's quite a lot of work to be done. As aforementioned, a proper header menu would bode well for the site. Also, some design alterations would make the site look a bit more professional than what it looks now.


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