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Lailas blog is a popular news blog in Nigeria that's known for its "breaking news" content. By the looks of the site, Lailasblog may look like just another blog, but it's a far bigger entity in the Nigerian online world than one would imagine. The blog is quite popular in other parts of Africa, and also outside Africa.

Lailas blog was founded in 2012 and has been churning out content at a healthy frequency and pace since then. Though a news site, it's not your traditional news website. The stories published on the site revolve more around entertainment news and celebrity gossips, with the more serious stuff taking a back seat.

However, like most other similar websites cropping out of Nigeria, the site's design and layout is nothing to write home about. It's quite amateurish and also not the most navigation-friendly. It's not sure whether the webmasters from Nigeria are intentionally following a particular site or blog theme, since all of their sites look quite similar. The colors might be different and the logo positioning may vary. Otherwise, most other primary aspects of these sites are strikingly similar. promotes itself as a site that provides "breaking news" content, if the site slogan is anything to go by. However, if you look at the site and the type of content being covered, there's not a lot of "breaking" taking place. In fact, most of the stories are quite normal and won't make your eyes pop out. And it's not just entertainment and celebrity, there's a lot of personal stories about health, love, relationships, crime, etc. that also get a feature on this site.

Most of the content that you see on the site is posted by Laila, the blog owner, herself. It's not sure whether she has a team of writers and editors assisting her in her endeavors, since there's no mention about the same anywhere on her site. However, we could conclude not all the posts are by Laila and quite a few of them are courtesy her readers. At the site's footer, there's a link that gives users the option to forward their own stories - either personal stories or the ones happening within their community or locality.

Long story short, the site is quite a mishmash of content, but mostly in a good way. If some organization is added to the mix, the website would be even more user-friendly and nice to look at.


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