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Promising up to 200, or more, articles per day on a wide range of topics including breaking news, entertainment news, politics, and sport, it is quick to see why is a go-to web portal for Nigerians wanting to stay on top of all that is important.

About is home to the latest Nigerian news and breaking stories. The platform is designed to give Nigerians access to all they need to know when they need to know it. achieves this by employing several different features across their website.

For starters, the website is designed using primarily Nigeria's national colours with a touch of blue for featured stories and red for breaking news highlights. At the very top of the website is a clearly labelled navigation menu bar. There, users can find all information posted to the site on the topic they are interested. Navigation bar menu labels include latest, politics, sports, gossip, weddings, hausa news, feedback, and football. Right below the navigation is the breaking news highlight bar, followed immediately by a highlighted trending topics bar. A banner ad and the website's content follows in that order from the top.'s Advertising and Innovative Layout

Of course, advertising and strategic layout is an important part of these kinds of news websites and blogs. As such, ads are strategically placed in parts of the layout where they are easily visible (and clickable) without interfering with the rest of the site's content. The latest news posts are added to the very top of the site's content. The featured or breaking news story is highlighted with a photograph while other titles are placed to the right. In addition to highlighting breaking news, also features the latest news, separated by categories or topics. This further adds to the legibility of the site and makes the vast amount of content easy to navigate.

Reader Interaction

Another important aspect of the website is the ability of readers and visitors to the site to interact with the content and site creators in a number of ways. For example, readers can comment on articles, as well as submit their own stories using the submission form on the website. Finally, readers with specific concerns can contact the website administrators directly through using either the feedback option or the contact page form. Advertisers wishing to place their ads on may do so using the "advertise with us"


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