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Naija Gists is one among the several news websites and blogs cropping out of Nigeria in the past few years. Usually, Nigerian news websites are run by a team of writers or editors, an online community of professionals, or an individual who knows and does it all. Naija Gists is probably run and managed by a single individual or a small team.

Site Design

As aforementioned, it doesn't look like a big team of professionals are running the show at And you get this feeling because the site looks less like a news website and more like a news blog. The site has a structure and layout that blogs are usually known for. However, on the positive side, the website has categorized its write-ups well, which are showcased well on the primary menu bar.

A blog doesn't necessarily mean bad or lame design/structure. In fact, there are many popular sites that started small and went on to become big. However, unlike Naija Gists, those famous blogs started well, in terms of their overall design and structure. They looked less like half-cooked blogs and made visitors believed a team of professionals was at the helm of things. Unfortunately,'s design is anything but professional. The colors and their gradients only add to the misery.


As far as content goes, this is not a conventional news site. In fact, it's hard to call the website as a news portal. Most of the reporting is done on light and less formal topics such as weddings, jokes, fashion, etc. The site is obviously catering to the youth, which it is doing a fairly decent job of. The site has a good following on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, Naija Gists is not the only youth-centric information portal online for Nigerians. In fact, there are quite a lot of them that are doing a much better job of it. Naija Gists has gotten itself a start but it needs to do a lot of catching up, if it's serious about sustaining and thriving.

Some serious topics such as politics and health are also being covered on the site but those aren't getting the best seats in the house. Moreover, those particular sections aren't as comprehensive as they should be. Also, you may notice there are too many sub-categories for a site that does not have on-roll a full-time writer team. Therefore, for more consistency and better synergy, it would be better if cuts out some of the sections and focuses on topics that it really relishes or is passionate about.

Naija Gists Headlines

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