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Among the handful of top tier tech blogs in Nigeria is one founded over ten years ago and has grown into one of the most influential blogs in the entire region, not just within the country. Based in Enugu, South-Eastern Nigeria, is a common destination for Nigerians interested in the latest gadgets and tech news that matter to them.

Introducing Naija Tech Guide
In 2006, a graduate from Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUTECH) started his very own tech blog. Fast forward to today, and that blog is one of the most visited tech-centered websites in Nigeria. Founded by Paschal Okafor who studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at ESUTECH, Naija Tech Guide covers most of the relevant tech sectors in Nigeria today, including mobile devices, gadgets, software, telecommunications, and power (e.g. solar energy). The blog also covers topics about vehicles and science in general, as well as a section for posts discussing online services. Aside from the news, features, reviews, and opinion pieces, Naija Tech Guide also offers some tech deals as well as a price comparison engine for electronic devices. It also helps visitors find cheap flights through a similar ticket pricing comparison feature.

Navigating Naija Tech Guide
Many of the sections are further divided into multiple subcategories, namely:
-The mobile section breaks down into mobile phones, tablets, and wearables.
-The gadgets section covers everything from computers and laptops to drones and appliances.
- The software section mostly focuses on mobile apps.
-The telecommunications section revolves around the internet and ecommerce.
- The power section includes generators and inverters.
Articles range from news, features, and opinions to reviews and guides spread amongst the sections mentioned above.

Naija Tech Guide  Headlines

Naija Tech Guide's Appeal and Importance

The blog is one of the most visited tech websites in Nigeria and has a sizeable following in the country. The blog's Twitter following exceeds 12,000 followers as of this writing. Regular visitors also come from countries like Ghana, India, and Kenya. As one of the top tech blogs in the region, Naija Tech Guide serves as a one-stop shop for people who want to read up on tech features and reviews concerning the most relevant and important tech topics and gadgets in and around Nigeria.

Beyond providing valuable information to audiences interested in consumer technology, Naija Tech Guide also covers relevan


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