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NaijaVibes is a blog, but it's not your regular Nigerian news blog that we've often discussed about on our site. It's primarily focused on music and artists, and does its fair bit of helping budding music artists reach their intended audience. In fact, the site is so deeply entrenched into the promotion of music, the Contact Us page of the site presents the site as a destination to promote music and boost online artistes' publicity. It's fair to say the site's goal is to give young and upcoming Nigerian artistes a platform to showcase their talent to the world.

News Content
Just go through the site's primary menu, and you cannot unsee the site's focus on music, mixtapes, and videos. Even the news section focuses on only stories relating to music. If you scroll down the page and take a look at the posts, the majority are music videos. Therefore, if you're visiting the site for your daily dose of news, you would be disappointed. Kindly look up other, more conventional Nigerian news blogs. But if you're on the site to consume fresh Nigerian music, you shall be very pleased.

Social Media Presence
The site is quite popular in social media circles, with more than 200,000 fans on Facebook and a comparatively modest set of Twitter followers. But since Naija Vibes gains its maximum traction through Facebook, there's not much NaijaVibes can complain about, despite its rather scanty Twitter follower base.

Site Design and Navigation
Probably the only aspect that the site disappoints is with its design. For a site that talks about music and performing artistes, a certain level of aesthetics is expected. Unfortunately, the site doesn't hit that level, missing the mark by a fairly substantial margin. This gives a very amateurish look to the site. The navigation tools on the site are also not something to write home about.

Moreover, for some strange reason, the site's logo is centered and blown out of proportion. We are not sure if our browser failed to load the site to its fullest potential. However, we don't think our browsers are at fault here. We tried loading the site on different browsers such as Chrome and Firefox multiple times, and the NaijaVibes logo still looks overblown. We are forced to believe the existing logo is the original design choice. It's recommended NaijaVibes gives a bit more importance to its site design and development, and come up with a cleaner and much polished site.

Naija Vibes Headlines

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