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Naijaloaded is a Nigerian website that focuses on enntertainment news, stories, and events relating to Nigeria. The site, founded in 2013, has been around for more than 3 years and has garnered quite a major following within its few years of existence. The site has a strong presence in social media sites as well, with close to a half a million followers on Facebook, and approximately 150,000 fans each on Twitter and Instagram. Unlike most other news blogs in Nigeria, is not a one man show and there's a proper team of writers and editors running the site.

The first thing you notice as soon as you visit the website is its layout and design. The design looks quite professional, though nothing extremely unique or inspiring. But it's certainly much more polished than most similar news sites that have come out of Nigeria in recent years. The write-ups are categorized well and the header menu bar puts those categories at the forefront. Most similar Nigerian sites do not have a header menu, making them look less like a news blog and more like a personal online account of things and events. There's one major drawback to the site's functionality, however, and that's the lack of a "search" box.

As far as the actual content goes, the site covers a range of topics. It's not an entertainment and lifestyle news site that caters only to the youth, nor is it a traditional news website. It's basically a neat blend of the two worlds and has borrowed some great features from both. This means the site caters to a much wider audience, which explains why the site is so popular among Nigerians. You would find articles on tech, business, sports, music, education, etc. here on this site. However, the majority of these stories are relating to Nigeria, quite obviously.

Africa is traditionally considered a backward continent - at least that's how the global media projects it. But when you come across sites such as Naijaloaded, you come to realize how wrong the rest of the world is about Africa. These Nigerian news sites not just serve as platforms for Nigerians to know what's happening in their regions and what their countrymen are up to, but these sites also give non-Africans a reality check.

In case you didn't know, Nigeria has its own film industry, which is christened on the lines of Hollywood. Nollywood is something most people outside of Africa wouldn't have heard of. If you'd been a frequent reader at Naijaloaded, you would have certainly been aware that the Nigerian popular film industry has been around since the early 1900s.


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