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Many blogs are dedicated to one topic, but NigeraWorld brings you an eclectic blend of all the best news and stories that matter all in one space. When you visit, here is what you will find when you stop by

The Week's Top News
If it is happening in Nigeria or around the world, you will find it on With up to the minute stories to keep you on the cusp of the latest happenings, NigeriaWorld has quickly become a local favorite. Whether you like to stay alerted about every little news story or just like to skim the news over coffee, is the perfect place to do it.

Sports Central
Are you a sports fanatic? If so, NigeriaWorld reports with the latest scores, stories and interviews with your favorite sports stars. Be sure to check in every night before bed so that you do not miss a single game, score or scoop.

Arts and Culture
With up and coming artists, shows and stories from high society, you can keep up with the latest in arts and culture happening in Nigeria... and the world over. If it's new, next or happening now... you will find it on NigeriaWorld.

Business and Career
Successes, flops and tips on getting ahead, not many blogs dedicate space to business. However, NigeriaWorld is not your average blog. From career tips to local stories, catch it all right here.

Inspirational Articles
From religion pieces to inspirational stories and shared experiences, Nigeria World features a blend of stories from writers that are not just fun to read... but also good for your soul. Start your day with NigeriaWorld and these feel good stories that help you to center yourself, waking up to a positive attitude and a drive to make the bright new day a great one.


If you missed any news or stories before you started visiting NigeriaWorld, the site has a HUGE archive section so that you are never at a shortage for great reading material. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind on a rainy afternoon. is an eclectic blog that keeps you abreast of the latest stories without skimping on the reads that are good for your soul. If it is interesting or necessary, it is featured on this blog and if you take time to check it out... you will definitely be back time and time again.

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