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Many underestimate the fashion talent in Nigeria, but it is a hotbed for progressive designs. Fashion in Nigeria focuses on diversity. It is not abnormal to see designs that borrow from traditional styles while others have religious undertones. In short, Nigeria is a place where fashion flourishes, and it is quite daring. The country's fashion industry is growing in many ways. At the moment, it is gathering more participation and trying to help in-country designers get more exposure, which is only going to help increase revenue for the country. The industry is quite large, and a successful entry into the fashion world would mean jobs for designers, models, hair stylists, cosmetologists, and even fashion journalists, just to name a few.

Of course, this has been a steady battle because fashion has been dominated by Western fashion and European fashion. One of the biggest issues is that many cultures outside of Africa think that only functional clothes are worn in countries like Nigeria. Still, it is clear to see that fashion in Nigeria is exciting.
One aspect that is quite different from fashion around the world is that many regions in Nigeria and throughout Africa are not afraid of using decorative tools such as skin painting, scarring, tattooing, or jewelry to highlight a particular look.

The industry is quite lively, and it actually touches on both men and female fashion in a way that the Western world does not. It is encouraged for men and women to wear clothes with interesting accents such as embroideries, though that is just one example. It might sound unorthodox, but business men and women do not normally wear suits to work but rather traditionally inspired styles. The international world is not completely ignoring the fashionistas coming out of the country. Some publications are read by people around the world, such as Flair West Africa or Arise.

Another exciting development, thanks to this spotlight on fashion, is the rise of entrepreneurs in Africa. Some have pointed out that many of the designers and entrepreneurs making their mark in the world have been female. This is great to see when many societies are dealing with some form of inequality at the expense of women. There is no doubt that this world is rather new; in fact, some of the most prominent fashion houses have just been established such as Duro Olowo (2004) or Deola Sagoe (1989). Still, it is an exciting step for fashion in a culturally rich country.

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