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Saving the Stress on Nigerian Currency.
The naira was first introduced as an official tender in Nigeria by the General Yakubu Gowon led military administration in 1973. Nigeria adopted a national currency in replacement of the one with colonial British origin, hence naira and kobo were introduced in place of pound and shilling. Nigerian currency came in coins and notes including half kobo, 1 kobo, 10 kobo and 25 kobo, and they were token coins with immense purchasing power, while the currency notes were 50 kobo, 1 naira, 5 naira, and 10 naira being the highest then.

The Need for the Review of the Accreditation Process in Nigerian Universities.
Sequel to the report of the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC)visitation panel on the universities and the recommendations of their various accreditation boards on tertiary institutions across the nation, many courses have been withdrawn from accreditation. Unfortunately, those mostly hit are the prospective candidates of those courses and their parents. Sadly too, many parents have emptied their bank accounts to make sure their children gain admission into various universities in the 2016/2017 academic session.

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