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If you are interested in listening to the hottest trends in music throughout Africa, discovering the latest in entertainment news, reading about featured artists of the week, and more, visit Notjustok at the website This is a very versatile site with plenty to enjoy! From playlists and videos to movies and stories, visiting Notjustok never gets boring!

At the top of the page, visitors have the ability to select whether they would like to view entertainment features based out of East Africa, West Africa or South Africa. Many music sites don't have such a simple feature to indulge in this multi-cultural experience. Notjustok gives users the opportunity to share the latest fads with their friends and family and be proud of knowing all the most crucial information about the entertainment industry. enables sharing with all of the most popular social media venues.

Individuals who like pages that can tailor content to their preferences will love using Notjustok. Using the menu option at the top right-hand corner of the screen, finding the link for "MyNotJustOk" enables fans of the site to customize their experience every time they visit the page. Also under that menu is the option to advertise with Small and large businesses alike can take this opportunity to broadcast their message to a community that is truly interested in what is trending in today's world. Also found on the right hand column is the latest news so it is easier than ever to stay informed on the latest happenings in the entertainment industry. Proud to be a Notjustok user? Click on the link showing Notjustok apparel to incorporate this business into your wardrobe!

Social networking is also available on the Notjustok site with forums where people can discuss how they feel about the latest music, news and videos. It is especially popular to check out the links for the video of the week and music of the week. The link that is entitled "hype" also under the menu bar, will keep visitors enformed and able to share major stories and brand new music with their friends and family via sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Many individuals will benefit from visiting and enjoying this multicultural news and entertainment experience. Visiting Notjustok will become part of your discussions with friends and loved ones, and will make visitors the authority on the latest entertainment information. Be sure to share this site with your favorite music enthusiasts!



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