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Olufamous is a blog that began its online publications in 2012. The concept of the site is to shed light on relevant information that Nigerian residents were searching for. kept good on that promise and has amassed a group of dedicated followers who trust the site. Hungry visitors flock to the website daily, searching for news that might affect them, their neighbors, community, or country.

Olufamous understood that something was missing from some online news sites. Most publications focused on international stories but ignored obscure Nigerian stories that the people of the country wanted to hear.

The structure of the site is simplistic to make sure that readers can easily navigate through the stories and understand the site as a whole. The site has four sections. The home page displays some of the latest pieces, which could be about news, or it could be about the latest celebrity scandal.

The site also offers a number of opinionated blog posts for those who are interested in hearing various perspectives regarding the Nigerian culture and beliefs.

There is an Entertainment section, which basically focuses on celebrities. There is an archival section on this page that allows readers to search for what they are interested in. Another section is called Lifestyle. This section focuses on the hip or trendy things to do in Nigeria. Readers might find a piece on healthy living or fashion tips, like the best outfit for a particular season. Readers might also find out about some important upcoming events.

The Politricks section is dedicated to everything politics. Readers will find that some entries are from regular people and some are from the political pundits of Nigeria. It should be noted that this area also has an archive search option so that readers can filter through news reports and find what they want.

The last section worth noting is Social Issues. There is no doubt that every country has a battle to fight when it comes to social issues, and Nigeria is no different. This area focuses on human rights or new laws that might affect all citizens. It is important to have an informed public to help shape the country in the way the people want. This is one reason why a site like Olufamous is vital to the people. Nigeria is moving forward, and the people are an intricate part of paving the path for a brighter future.

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