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Omovibes is a rising star in the Nigerian blogosphere. Focused primarily on breaking news related to current affairs issues in Nigeria and around the world, Omovibes offers up the latest and the greatest on a host of topics. These topics include everything from sports, general news, and politics, to thought-provoking opinion pieces.

Layout and Design

Thanks to staying true to what they do best (providing breaking news on topical issues), Omovibes is by no means cluttered or overly saturated with content. Neither is the site littered with banners advertisements. Instead, the layout is a simple blog layout that features a scrolling breaking news alert tab and social media links a added to the site. This is first displayed generally at the top of the page and then as latest posts per topic. Thanks to the convenience of having all the latest properly organised on the homepage, t the very top of the page, followed by the header and logo and menu bar featuring all the topics covered on the site.

The homepage features all the latest blog posts, and so readers need not venture too far or search tirelessly for whatever information they seek. Instead, the information is readily available right there at your fingertips.

Breaking News on the Go

In addition to providing all the latest content on the homepage in an easy to dread, is also available through mobile devices. All you need to access is an Internet-ready mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone and access to available WiFi or data.

The mobile version of the website reads like a digital newspaper with one headline and featured image following behind the other - starting with the last bit of content posted to the site. As you scroll and read on your mobile device, simple sip to the next page when you get to the end of the one you are reading. Best of all, the chosen font makes the content easy to read even on small cell phone screens. With on the go, readers will miss out on nothing.

Connecting with Omovibes

Connecting with Omovibes on and off their blog is easy, thank o their heavy social media presence. Through the several channels of interaction available, readers can comment on the blog, leave comments on blog posts or articles shared through's official Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media pages. Readers can also contact the site administrator should the need arise.


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Omovibes Blog

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