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My Paga transforms lives by delivering innovative and universal access to financial services. In fact, the company comprises of passionate Africans -- who are committed to helping Africans access a wealth of financial services. Founded in 2009, MyPaga was built on the cusp of cutting-edge mobile technologies -- that continue to bring financial services to all Africans. The company also maintains professional partnerships with banks, financial institutions, and mobile network operators.

With innovation as the cornerstone of the company, My Paga continues to develop technologies geared towards the markets they operate it. With highly-dedicated professionals, they also work hard to ensure all services are cost-affordable and accessible via agent networks. This enables them to achieve all desired results, while truly providing platforms that reach universal access.

Paga services mainly operate on the most basic SMS enabled phones. This allows them to secure better access routes for Paga account customers -- across a wide array of mobile networks. This also allows customers and clients to manage their account details; regardless of which phone or network they are using.
The core aspect of My Paga is timely and expedited money transfer services. In fact, Paga allows customers to send money to anyone -- and anywhere -- using a mobile phone. This includes the freedom to send or receive monies on your own -- or by letting a Paga agent help you. The company also offers several other financial products, including but not limited to:

Buying or sending airtime credits.
Bill payments.
Retail payments.
Multiple channels for consumers wishing to use Paga.
SMS, Online, mobile apps, USSD, or IVR automated lines.

MyPaga merchant services are especially helpful for commercial businesses as well. In fact, companies can easily receive or collect payments from clients and customers -- with or without bank accounts.


The popular Paga e-widget allows businesses to integrate payment portals, and expedited online checkout processes for their websites and stores. Companies can also rely on Paga agents to collect payments -- for goods and services -- on their behalf. They also help customers access easy and convenient SMS or online payment portals for all bills and purchases. My Paga services continue to soar in global popularity In fact, the company continues to bring innovative financial services to the table - in conjunction with partners, mobile networks and financial institutions. Simply visit their website today to learn more about the many services and products they offer for customers and clients.


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