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As more Nigerians become Internet savvy and turn to the world-wide-web for their information on the latest happenings in Nigeria and around the world, there is an increasing number of Internet spaces where Nigerians can go for all things lifestyle and pop culture. Pulse Nigeria is one such web space. Pulse Nigeria, hosted at, is a web blog and portal designed with Nigerians in mind. The platform specialises in providing the Nigerian web-browser with the latest news and views in current affairs and pop culture happenings.

More About Pulse

Laid out like the typical digital magazine. At the very top of the page is an easy to use menu that helps navigate visitors through the rich and varied content. Topics include a variety of news topics (health, politics, world, business, and local) as well as a host of pop culture topics such as celebs, lifestyle, music, movies, events, sports, communities, and business insider. All content on the homepage, including featured posts sliders, and content separated by categories such as videos and galleries.

Of course, as is the case with most blogs and websites that hope to be profitable has banner advertisements. However, these banner ads are not intrusive thanks to the clean and crisp layout of the site. As such, there is no mistakenly clicking on one link or the other due to ads popping up, not being clearly displayed, or not being where they are supposed to be. On top of having a chic and clean layout, featured images for posts on the website are tastefully themed to work with the site's overall look and feel. This makes the site even more legible and easy to navigate as everything is in its place and is easily identifiable.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Pulse Nigeria website is its responsive website design. Thanks to this responsive feature, Nigerians can access the website from just about any Internet-ready device including smartphones, phablets, tablets, and laptops and computers of varying screen sizes and have them adjust to accommodate all the content on the website. This is a great feature as it ensures visitors can access all content at all times without having to stress their devices with undue processing.

Finally, as the saying goes content is King. All the great features listed above would mean very little if visitors were not able to visit and get great content from Pulse Nigeria. Content is always regularly updated, well-researched, and accurate..


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