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SelectAStyle is a website dedicated to fashion, beauty, style, and celebrity news of Nigeria. It's also a great place to obtain information about weddings and relationship advice. Stay updated with the website or app on the latest fashion, designs, and noteworthy style. SelectAStyle shows you the latest works of celebrity makeup artists, photographers, and more.

Love your fair share of Ankara prints? You'll love the gorgeous trendy prints published on this site. Makeup junkies beware. Keeping your look fresh is no problem with regularly published posts on how to maintain your beauty with new makeup trends and bridal outfits to die for. SelectAStyle gives you all of the beauty tips and tricks you need to enhance your look. Look sharp and gorgeous at the next Owanbe party you attend and let your personality shine. Ladies looking to sharpen their fashion prowess will not be disappointed.

Cityweavers is the sister company of SelectAStyle where you can purchase all the necessary items to complete your style. Being the most beautiful you that you can be never hurts.

Enjoy curated style trends you won't find anywhere else. SelectAStyle is the best way to shop and discover new things you'll absolutely love. You'll no doubt find your voice in the trends published on the site. Learn the direction that fashion is going before your friends and the mainstream. Think of the site as your own custom boutique with all the offerings you need.

Stylists from around the world share their opinion on how to blend styles, of course with a special focus on African fashion. Each image is hand selected to ensure its style worthiness. Feel free to express your creativity and share your style with our community. is the premium destination online to get the latest scoop, all of the lovely Ankara styles you've dreamed of are not far away. Get ready for the most eclectic and exciting fashions, not to mention you'll get the latest on all the items necessary to maintain your lifestyle.

Need makeup tips? No problem, the worlds of makeup and African fashion have so much to offer but you'll only get the best with SelectAStyle. Looking luxurious and saving money has never been easier. You no longer have to worry about filling the void of modern and trendy pieces and news inspired by Africa. With Select A Style, you've literally found a one stop shop for all things beautiful and noteworthy in Africa..


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