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Just about everyone has a love affair, to varying degrees, with food. As such, there are many food blogs dedicated to the arts of preparing succulent, delicious meals. One such blog is the Sisi Jemimah blog hosted at

How It All Started: About Sisi Jemimah and the Amazing Woman Behind It All

Owned and authored by blog author and recipe developer Jemimah Adebiyi, Sisi Jemimah is a culinary arts blog dedicated to helping readers of the blog conquer their culinary fears "one recipe at a time." was born out of a merger of Jemimah's passion for writing and a recent work from home job that left her with more time on her hands than she needed. It was not long before Jemimah's at home job had her exploring in the kitchen and upgrading her kitchen skills. The rest, as they say, is history. Jemimah became obsessed with cooking and began posting her photos on Instagram and Facebook. From there, she was encouraged to start a blog dedicated to curating her recipes.

About the Blog

The blog uses an attractive, elegant but simple layout to present its content to the reader. The blog is mostly white, uses elegant, bold handwriting font for headers, and clear scripts for main content text. The blog can easily be described as having a minimalist design, but uses the right infusion of colour to bring it to life without cluttering the space.

Sisi Jemimah uses a traditional blog layout with the content on the left and sidebar on the right. The content portion of the page falls below the featured posts slide which highlights the latest content posted to the blog using high-quality photographs of the dishes and recipes featured in the post. The chic layout makes the content easy to read.

International Cuisine: What You'll Find On

As far as recipes go, Sisi Jemimah caters to just about every palette and kind of cuisine you can think of. When looking at the wide range of culinary recipe options and cooking tips available, it is almost hard to believe that Jemimah does all this from her own kitchen. In fact, Options on include Asian and Caribbean cuisine, breakfast, dinner and dessert recipes, and so much more. Readers wanting healthier options of their favourite meals can look to the healthy recipes section of the site, while those who enjoy yummy treats can enjoy the baking recipes and smoothie options. Of course, there are chicken and fish recipe options for those who like those kinds of dishes. Best of all, all these recipe options are available from a blogger who is relatable. In many ways, Sisi Jemimah is just like you - a non-chef discovering her culinary awesomeness.

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