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Most bloggers have one specific area where they shine. Sisi Yemmie is one of the few sites that manages to make "a little bit of everything" work and work well. From recipes to make life easier to beauty tips to make it more vivid, here is what you will find at Sisi Yemmie...

Festive Food and Recipe Ideas

Whether you want to try a new, colorful rice side dish for a dinner party with good friends or are just looking for a healthy snack that helps you stick to your diet without being bland and boring, Sisi Yemmie has a wide selection of recipes and food-spiration to help you make breakfast, lunch and dinner sing.

Modern Beauty
With the latest looks and makeup techniques, and their beauty section are there to bring you the advice of popular beauty gurus... all without ever having to step foot in a salon. From contouring and highlighting to bold, statement lips, your beauty regimen has never been so much fun or nearly as versatile as it will be now.

News, News and More News
What's going on in the world... and around the corner? With both global and local news, Sisi Yemmie keeps you up to date on everything going on in the world around you. Set it as your home page and never miss a beat.

Mom Life
Raising kids is difficult. Toss in the stress of life and it gets even harder. The Mom Life section at helps you to keep it all together, supporting you in your motherhood journey and helping you to keep life fun for both you and your kids. Whether it is a little advice when you need it most or just something fun to get out and do together, you will find it all in the Mom Life section.

A successful relationship takes work and effort. In the Sisi Yemmie relationship section you will find ways to keep your love life spicy and connected. Tune in daily and implement their authorative ideas and tips into your everyday relationship to keep things fresh.

The daily grind is what pays your bills and keeps the lights on... but it is also your place to shine as an individual. Check out the career section to stay motivated, learn how to better organize and advance towards your dream job. is an eclectic blend of everything you want in your daily read... all in one perfect space that makes your break time actually relaxing.


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Sisi Yemmie Blog

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