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Stargist, as the name indicates, is a news website that focuses primarily on news relating to celebrities, their lifestyles, and everything that there is to glitz and glamor. As soon as you visit the site, the first thing you notice is how well laid out and professionally designed the site is. The design and aesthetics need a special mention here because most similar sites from Nigeria are usually rich on content, but not so much on the design front. There certainly are a few changes that could be made to the site's design, but those are not mandatory alterations.

Before we start reviewing the site, let's get briefly introduced to its beginnings. was founded in 2013, as an Iconway Media subsidiary. The site has climbed the popularity charts fairly quickly ever since, boasting a 500,000 monthly active reader base. Iconway Media is a popular new-gen media house that also runs other leading sites such as and

The content is well-categorized and there is also a page dedicated to videos. The site is a great source if you'd like to know what celebrities are up to in Nigeria. There are stories published about global stars and celebrities too, but that's not the norm since the majority of the space gets covered up by homegrown stars. On this site, you'll get to know about models, actors, singers, sports personalities, millionaires, prodigies, and everyone else who is creating a sensation in the country. Stargist is not just about what the stars are up to in the public domain, but their personal accomplishments and achievements also get a mention on the site time and again.

As aforementioned, the site's design is great, but it's not as polished as one would like a professional website to be. The advertisements on the site are strategically placed and do not cause much hindrance to the reading experience. However, the biggest drawback is the pop-up ad slide that keeps showing up time and again. It's annoying and mars the overall user experience to a considerable extent.

It's not quite clear why Nigerian webmasters do not have much affinity for the "search" button. Like most Nigerian news and information websites, Stargist too doesn't sport a search button - not one we can see! And this despite ticking the majority of the right boxes that add to the site's professional look and feel. For some strange reason, these Nigerian sites are notorious for being too long. Otherwise, all the other usual elements of a well-structured site are here to be seen, which includes a "contact us", "privacy policy" page, etc.



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