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Let us take a closer look at another rising blog from Nigeria called TechCity. TechCity positions itself as "Nigeria's sole and premier technology blog." It covers detailed reports on technology, product reviews, news and related videos from across Africa.

It seems that TechCity started in January of 2015. It is the date of the oldest article on the site. The exact day when TechCity started is difficult to tell, because even the About Us section located at the bottom of its website does not state any date.

TechCity's blog is clean, neat, and easy to navigate. It has a light background and well-arranged pages. TechCity only runs a few ads on the site, so you will not be interrupted while reading. There is also a search feature, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Overall, the design is excellent and user-friendly. If you want a relaxing and hassle-free reading experience, you will not be disappointed with TechCity.

Different sections
TechCity Nigeria has seven different sections: homepage, news, business, reviews, general electric (GE), automobiles, and videos. The business section uses a drop-down menu, but there is only one topic: Startups. This is quite odd.

TechCity Nigeria has thousands of social media followers. It has almost 290,000 followers on Google Plus. It also has a good following on other social media platforms. You can easily connect with TechCity through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram by clicking the corresponding icons on its homepage. You can also connect with TechCity by subscribing to its YouTube channel.

The site makes it easy to start a discussion on every article. There is a comment box somewhere below each post. However, said comment box is located quite far from the post. With thousands of followers, it is surprising that there is barely any discussion or comments on the articles posted on the site.

TechCity Nigeria has many interesting contents. However, some of its articles are not professionally written. Nonetheless, the writings are easy to understand, and you will definitely learn something new with every visit.

Podcast feature
It also has a Podcast feature that you can easily listen to even while reading an article. Unfortunately, there are only 19 tracks to choose from.

TechCity Nigeria is a nice website that primarily shares interesting news from across Africa. The site can still improve, especially in terms of the quality of its contents.

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