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Techpoint Nigeria might have just started, but its team of experienced, tech savvy contributors give Techpoint an advantage.

Techpoint Nigeria focuses on tech news and tech-related information that might help Nigerian youth attempting to get into the tech world. But what really sets this site apart is its commitment to Nigeria.

It is located at 194 Herbert Macaulay Rd, Yaba, Nigeria on the third floor, but the internet has provided a tactable connection to Nigeria and what is happening in the country.

Many sites offer news articles or blog posts regarding old news or news that does not focus on Nigeria. Techpoint mostly reports on local tech-centered news or blogs. The focus is to help ignite Nigerian-based startups and to help educate the locals on how they are shaping the future.

Readers of Techpoint will get the opportunity to learn a little more about the overall startup ecosystem and how it might affect Nigeria. It is no secret that technology tends to change the way people live their lives, but rarely does a site dedicate its content to changing the lives of those in Nigeria.

One aspect of the site that is most useful to readers is the "Pitch Your Startup." This section gives young entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their ideas to the readers that visit the site. Some of the readers are attempting to make their mark in the tech world, but some are actually looking for a way to invest. A good startup might be able to capture an investor's interest, which is the first step toward being a concept to reality.

There is also a section that focuses on women entrepreneurs who are attempting to make it in this world as well. No one can deny the fact that the tech world is dominated by men, and this "Womenpreneurs" platform seeks to help the many women who have ideas and talent.

The website has a blog and news feed. Techpoint also gives readers the opportunity to learn about the latest gadgets before any one else learns about them, complete with expert opinions. Live events about technology in Nigeria are often placed or talked about in the "Events" section, which should also prove invaluable for tech-savvy people.

There are many reasons why matters and why readers should be interested in the content offered by the site. This site will help build connections while educating the Nigerian people.

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