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The Cable, hosted at, is Nigeria's independent news voice where there are unlimited amounts of news and views to be consumed. Everything from sports, to celebrity lifestyle news is covered. Let's take a closer look at the what The Cable has to offer below.

Layout and Content

It is often recommended that websites that process and present vast amounts of varying content at any given time should have crisp, clean, minimalist layouts. This is as these sorts of layouts make the site's content easily legible for visitors. The content at is placed against a white background and colour is appropriately used to highlight important text like headlines and other special content such as breaking news.

The header contains a contact and search bar at the very top, followed by a scrolling market updates bar, the site logo, an advertising banner and then a navigation bar complete with menu item topics. Below the header, the content begins with a breaking news and latest news slider. The content below the slider is grouped according to category or topic and is nicely laid out using a tabular content grid.

Due to the fact that the site's main navigation bar is visible on all pages and posts, users can access the topic(s) of their choice from anywhere on the site. This simple feature clearly takes into account the fact design goes beyond looks and also includes practicality and function. Of course, being able to access published content from anywhere on the site, adds huge functionality to the site user as they navigate

Major Topics and Reliable Content

Good, reliable, content is the backbone of any successful website, blog, or digital magazine. The Cable's, in this regard, is no different. Content published on is well-researched, well-written, and always relevant. Additionally, the content found here covers a wide range of topics including business, inside Nigeria, sport, viewpoint, celebrity news, and life, lifestyle, and living. Tags are used to identify individual posts and sub-categories found across the site.

Widespread Accessibility

One of the best features of this site is its responsive design. This responsive design ensures that all the site's published content is easily accessible and readable by any Internet-ready device including smartphones, phablets, and tablets. The website's content simply adjusts to the size of the window on the user device. As such, Nigerians can access their favourite independent news voice whenever and wherever, so long as there is reliable Internet.


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The Cable Nigeria


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