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TooXclusive is a youth-centered entertainment blog that provides fun and interesting information from all corners of the entertainment business. It's a news website that only focuses on the fun stuff, particularly music and musicians. If there's a new single out on the market, a musician has broken sales record, or a performer has received an award - you'll get to know all if you're hooked on to this site. is a pleasant change from all the usual news websites and blogs that usually dominate African online journalism. And thanks to its African routes, any fresh event or development in the music scene in the continent gets an early mention at Too Xclusive. The site also has a page dedicated to the Ghana music scene.

The site has a few categories up at the footer to make navigating the site a tad bit easier. The videos are collated in a single section, and so are the editorials that have their own dedicated sub-space. The site has been around for quite some time, and that is evident with the sheer number of content you see on this site (both videos and editorials).

Too Xclusive, as aforementioned, collates music and other entertainment content from all parts of the world and walks of life. And the site also promotes upcoming urban music albums. In fact, the site has created a name for itself in the community by being the de facto platform for record labels, musicians, music managers, etc. to showcase and market their music. is quite popular in several parts of the world, which is obvious with the site getting more than 3 million hits every month from across the globe. This is a huge viewer base that can propel any budding artist to instant recognition and fame. Too Xclusive is aware of this possibility and therefore aspires to be the biggest online platform for new and upcoming talent from the music world.

Too Xclusive not just stops with giving new artists a berth on its site, but it also takes the extra effort to ensure there's maximum exposure on offer. For instance, it creates individual profile pages for artists on its sites, and also spreads the word about the content on its various social media pages. There's also the occasional press releases and news articles about artists published on the site. These services do not come for free, but for someone who's extremely passionate about music and wants to make a career out of that passion, is a great bargain.


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