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The Nigerian blogging scene was never filled with so much hustle and bustle as now, since many young Nigerians are taking up blogging by the dozens. In fact, the space has become slightly crowded and making a name or niche has now become quite a challenge. However, despite the crowd, there are some Nigerian bloggers that have created their own following, primarily because they started early. In this article, we'll take a look at the top female bloggers in Nigeria. Each of them have their own unique style.


Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji is a news blogger from Nigeria. She is also a former model and among the highest paid Nigerian bloggers. Linda started to blog in 2006, right after her graduation. However, she took up blogging actively only a year later, in 2007. She started with a sub-domain initially, but thereafter obtained a custom domain name, Besides blogging, Linda is also into philanthropy and also runs a not-for-profit project that assists young girls and women with great business ideas dip their feet into entrepreneurship.

Uche Pedro

Uche Pedro, born as Uche Eze, is a Nigerian writer, blogger, entrepreneur and social media expert. Uche founded the site, which is an online magazine that talks about entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion. In 2014, she was honored by Forbes as one of the 30 promising young African entrepreneurs. Uche has an undergraduate degree in business and she worked for Cadbury, Shell Canada before taking up blogging.

Stella Dimokokorkus

Stella is a self-employed Nigerian blogger who talks entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, news, etc. through her news blog Stella is a fairly popular blogger in Nigeria, but still has quite a lot of distance to cover. Enjoying a fairly decent Facebook and Twitter follower base, Stella is a blogger to watch out for in the coming years.

Ladun Liadi 
Ladun Liadi may not be the most prolific and successful (financially) of female Nigerian bloggers, but has definitely created a niche for herself. Born in Ijebu-Mushin, Ladun studied microbiology in college. She launched her blog in 2010, which is called Ladun Liadi News. Blogging was not something Ladun was extremely passionate about to begin with. In fact, she founded because one of her friends told her that blogging can be a lucrative career choice. However, over a period of time, it was the passion for writing and imparting information and knowledge to others that kept her going and made her successful. Unlike most bloggers, little site traffic was not the only problem when she started out afresh. Ladun also encountered other unconventional blogging issues such as lack of consistent power, bad network connection, and every other infrastructural issue synonymous with a non-developed country. But she didn't budge and fought her way to eventually feature in our top 10 female bloggers in Nigeria.

Tosin Ajibade  

Tosin Ajibade is a Nigerian blogger known for her entertainment and lifestyle website called Besides writing for her site, Tosin also organizes New Media Conference, which is held in Nigeria annually. She has a bachelor's accounting degree, along with a certification in media enterprise and communications. By the way, has a South African edition as well. In 2009, Tosin started work as a publicist. Later in 2010, she started her blog. Blackhouse Media hired her as a web manager in 2011, but she later left the job in 2012 to concentrate on her blogging.

Shola Okubote

Shola Okubote founded the popular women-centric Nigerian blog, On her blog, she covers her personal stories of survival, triumph, setbacks, etc. and also opines on non-personal matters impacting women in general. She is not the only one writing for her blog, but there are several other Nigerian women with stories to tell and inspire publishing their stories on the site time and again. Besides, owning a blog, Shola also writes for other blogs such as and

Emeh Achanga
Emeh Achanga is a Nigerian lawyer and blogger. Born on 26 February, 1985, Emeh owns a blog called Misspetite Naija blog, which has earned a lot of recognition and voice in the Nigerian blogging industry. The blog is basically a lifestyle and entertainment blog that provides news stories, a dive into fashion trends, and celebrity gossip. Emeh Achanga belongs to the A-list of Nigerian bloggers, and this recognition is something she managed to achieve within just a few years of blogging. Emeh is an extremely proud woman and, most importantly, has the mental strength to withstand any challenges or circumstances that stand between her and her dreams/goals.

Kemi Filani
Kemi Filani owns the blog,, where she shares news and stories about celebrities, movies, god, health, etc. She is among those few Nigerian female bloggers who have a strong social media presence. Not that other bloggers do not have their pages dedicated to their blogs on social media sites, but not a lot of them are as active as Kemi, which explains why she has more than 70,000 followers on Facebook.

Laila Ijeoma
Laila is the owner of probably the biggest news blog in Nigeria, A mother of three kids, Laila is a full-time blogger, despite being a trained banker and also a qualified chemical engineer. Lailas Blog was launched in 2013. However, Laila dabbled with blogging a year ago, in 2012. As aforementioned, her blog is extremely popular in Nigeria, with an international audience to boast about as well. As of 2016, her blog had recorded close to 100 million page views, which is a major feat for any blog or site, leave aside the site's Nigerian origin. Laila is an entrepreneur at heart and considers Oprah Winfrey her role model. Besides helping her build a strong financial career, her blog has also bagged a few awards.

Ono Bello
The owner of, Ono Bello is a Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blogger. Since fashion is her main thing, Ono is most active on image-sharing sites such as Instagram. In fact, she has approximately 154,000 Instagram followers, which puts even big publishing companies to shame. Ono started actively blogging in 2011 and has never looked back since then.

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