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Vivian Gist is an entertainment news blog ran by Mary Vivian Chinaza. Although the blog is relatively new, it is quickly gaining widespread popularity in Nigeria. Many in the Nigerian online entertainment blogging industry are calling Chinaza as the next Linda Ikeji, given the blog's rising status and the kind of news that gives its readers.

News Quality

Viviangist is perhaps one of the few blogs in Nigeria that has access to fresh, quality news that are posted on a daily basis. Unlike other entertainment news blogs in Nigeria, news on the site doesn't appear to be plucked out from other random news sites. Articles are also accompanied by related photos, which is always a huge draw for entertainment news readers. The blog content is also impressive. While the site is advertised as an entertainment news blog, she also posts news on political and current affairs and even sports.

Blog Layout

The site's layout is suited for easy navigation. Latest news are the first things you see on the front page, paired with dates of publication, large icons and photos. For those who want their daily fix of state news, the section below displays the latest Anambra state news. A section of music and videos can be found on the bottom for those looking for pure entertainment.

For quick navigation through the different sections, readers can access the navigation menus on the top header, or do a quick search using the Search tool next to it. Page loading times are also relatively fast, despite the fact that a lot of news articles come with multiple photos.

For an entertainment news blog, Viviangist is definitely among the leaders of the pack when it comes to news quality and site layout. Fresh and current news that cover entertainment, politics and sports make this blog a go-to for Nigerians who want a fresh take on the news in one convenient place


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Vivian Gists


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