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Wealth Result was founded Jan. 31, 2012. The site was built on knowledge and a promise to help those searching for an opportunity. Darlinton Omeh started the website; he is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur who shares his knowledge on the site in hopes of enlightening others.

There was a time when Omeh did not have a cent to his name because he wholeheartedly believed in the multilevel marketing business model. Around this time, he learned that money can be made online, and he took steps to learn the business. This endeavor took many years to master, but it has been an enriching path. contains some of Omeh's greatest work, in the form of blog writings. He has two objectives: The first deals with his love for providing knowledge. People who are interested in starting different types of businesses can learn how to do so. Some can learn how to start a blog or how to make money in Nigeria. In short, there are a lot of 'how to' posts that are meant to help eager minds.

The second thing he wanted to offer was inspiration. Readers will find inspirational posts because drive is just as important as ideas in the business world. It is no secret that being an entrepreneur can be hard. There are times when it is going to feel overwhelming, especially when an idea does not come to fruition. This is why those inspirational posts are essential to the Wealth Result site. Many of the site's visitors have become dependent on the words of wisdom found on the site. The site also contains the Naira exchange rates, which many readers depend on to figure out their next move. These rates are updated daily, which is a promise that the site made early on in its inception. Readers find these rates under the Forex page.

Another aspect of the site worth noting is the questions and answers section. This page gives readers and online business people an opportunity to exchange knowledge with each other. Some readers have even found investors with these connections. This site is truly a safe haven for entrepreneurs and go-getters.


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