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Many people who want to make a living online turn to freelance writing at one point or another. Undoubtedly, content is king on the Internet, so there will never be a shortage of clients willing to pay writers to produce articles, blog posts and the like. This should mean that good writers find it easy to earn a decent wage from the convenience of their home. However, in practice, this is rarely the case. Thanks to the existence of 'Content Mill' websites, clients are able to hire writers for pennies on the dollar. These types of sites are filled with poor quality writers, who are willing to charge next to nothing for their services. Consequently, good writers are often forced to work for an insulting rate of pay, which demeans both them and the profession as a whole. The Writers in Charge website was set up in 2010 to address this injustice, and provide decent writers with reliable information about where they can earn what they are worth.

Writersincharge is run by Bamidele Onibalusi from Nigeria, who is himself a blogger and a writer. Sickened by the way freelance writers are exploited on many of the well known content mill websites, Onibalusi decided to help those talented people land better paid work by broadening their horizons. His website contains links to lesser known freelance platforms, which offer writers a much better rate of pay. Also, he lists a range of different magazines that accept submissions from freelance writers. Often, articles that are featured in these publications can earn writers a respectable sum of money, as well as giving them excellent exposure to obtain more higher paid work in future.

Many aspiring writers have their own websites showcasing their work, but struggle to attract potential clients to their sites. One proven way of doing this is guest blogging. This is where you write an article for another highly visited blog, in return for a link back to your website at the end. The Writers in Charge website contains a comprehensive list of blogs that accept guest posts. These blogs cover a wide variety of niches, so there is sure to be something for everyone. This is a valuable resource for freelancers, because it will save them countless hours searching the Internet for suitable blogs to contact.


As well as the information about better paid work, Writersincharge publishes many blog posts, which give practical advice to budding writers - and case studies showing how others have succeeded in this rewarding field. One recent post details how a writer who was fired from her job managed to earn a full time income from freelancing within four months. There's no doubt that this type of real world success story will be an inspiration to those who are trying to do the same.

To earn a decent income from writing, you have to position yourself properly in the marketplace, but sadly most writers don't know how to do this. This results in them getting 'stuck in a rut' of badly paid work, from which they can't escape. Writers in Charge aims to change all this, and become the go to resource for freelancers who want to advance their careers.

When it comes to getting ahead as a content provider, knowledge is power. Writersincharge is a site that educates writers to put them in control of their destiny. Whether you are new to freelancing or a seasoned pro, you are bound to find something of interest on this site. If nothing else, it will open your eyes to some of the possibilities of landing higher paid work that you never knew existed..

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