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YNaija Blog is a well-known website that reports on news affecting Nigeria and the rest of the world. YNaija is also known as the premier online publication for young Nigerians. Most of the news and blog posts target the youth of Nigeria. It is obvious that this is an ever-evolving generation since they seem to be interested in everything, from politics to pop culture and the environment.

There is a section called Y!TV, which is dedicated to live-recorded interviews that can be seen by visitors at any time. Some of these interviews are of Nigeria's actors and other celebrities touching on the subjects that matter to visitors of the sites.

There is also a blog section where Nigerian-based writers talk about what is happening in Nigeria regarding sexuality and rights that affect different regions of the country's population. Of course, this is not the only blog series available on the site. There is also a blog section dedicated to those who are in love with Nigerian cinema and another section dedicated to the spiritual aspects of the country.

Readers also get the opportunity to read a little more about current issues in Nigerian politics through two additional blogs. One deals with presidential affairs and the other with matter of legislation. In short, it is an online publication that has become a one-stop site for everything that a young Nigerian would want to know about the country and community.

It should be noted that the site is transparent with its contributors and audience. There is a section on the website where readers can contact those behind YNaija. This is done so that readers can get their questions answered but also to give readers an opportunity to submit scoops and other news.

The fact is that news can happen anytime, and YNaija is open to receiving information that will help them publish a wide variety content for all of their readers.

For added convenience, YNaija readers can easily search through the site's archives using the site's search engine, which is on the far left top corner of the page. There is no telling when a reader might need to reference older news articles or interviews, which is something that many of YNaija readers appreciate.

It is easy to see that YNaija is a valuable online publication that is connecting youth to the country and politics, which should prove invaluable today and in the future.


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